Thailand or Bust

WHY PATTAYA?     If you have not yet been to Thailand then this is for you.   Or… Skip back to Home Page.

Ask yourself,  why do you want to go there.    If it’s for the fabulous beaches, the Sun, lots of cheep booze and food, it’s hardly worth flying thousands of miles for.   If you are based in the UK, it’s a twelve thousand mile round trip.   You can get all the Beaches and cheep food and drink at many Mediterranean resorts just a couple of hours flying time away.   If you genuinely want to get into the ‘Magic’ of Thailand then it’s a great place to visit.   I have been many times but the mystique that is Thailand is still alive for me.

The most popular resort for European Tourists is Phuket.   Phuket is OK but prices for everything are around 20% more expensive FOR EVERYTHING than in most other Thai resorts.   (I’ve spent three days there and got out.)   If you want to see the real Thailand you need to get up into Central and Northern Parts, and go ‘back-packing’ and mix with the real Thais.   I’ve done it many times and they are a fantastic people.   How they remain so happy and friendly in the face of such adversity I’ll never know.   (I base myself in Pattaya and do side trips from there.)

BEACH RESORTS.   Hua Hin is good, and cheap but relatively quiet compared to some of the other resorts.  Of all the Thai resorts I have found that the people of Hua Hin are the most friendly.   A full video report on Hua Hin follows soon.   Koh Samui is an incredible Island in the Gulf of Thailand.   (See the Video.)  It’s a little cheaper than Phuket and is very quiet.   A great Honeymoon Resort.   There are other great Island resorts such as Koh Samet and Koh Chang etc., and both are reasonably priced.   And then there is Pattaya!!!   Cheap Cheap.    And is probably the greatest Party Town on Earth.   As you’ve probably guessed, my resort of choice is Pattaya, and it will be yours after you have seen the Videos.

WHEN TO GO THERE.   Avoid mid May to late October.   The heat and humidity are close to unbearable and it’s relentless day and night.   Plus….   It rains, with the monsoon season being around August and September.  (roughly)   But if you like wading around up to your waste in water, and/or being trapped in your Hotel for two or three days at a time, then fine.   My favourite months are November and March.

GETTING THERE   In the UK, Package Holidays are popular, but are too restrictive if you want to move around Thailand freely.   Internal flights are so cheap and plentiful.   I have always put my own holiday package together.   It’s no cheeper but more convenient.

FLIGHTS From the UK.   Get a flight here.   Netlights.   There is no cheaper on-line travel agent.   I like to fly direct and use EVA Air.   British Airways, Quantas, and Thai Airways, also fly direct, but are usually more expensive than EVA Air.   However,  there are cheaper flights, as you will see on the Netflights Site, if you don’t mind a stop-over in Dubai or Abu Dabi.   Netflights Web Site

HOTELS   I recommend any of these three.   I have stayed at all three of them.   They range in price from 1,000bht to 1,500bht per night.   All are Centrally located in Pattaya, and just a few yards from the Beach.

Sandy Spring Hotel

Mamaison Hotel

The Haven Hotel

BTW.   A tip.   Ignore the prices.   Email them and ask for a quote.   You may be surprised at how much cheaper it will be.   Especially if you tell them in your Email that they were recommended by a friend who has stayed there.   (True.)

AIRPORT TRANSFER   There will be dozens of Taxi Touts waiting at the Airport.   All are safe as they have to be Licensed.   Pay no more than 1,800bht to Pattaya.   (Divide Thai Baht by 48 to get the cost in Pounds.)


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