Recently added…  Tuesday 25th July 2017   “Club Atlantis and other locations around Angeles City.

Recently Added…   Tuesday 20th June 2017  “The Girls of the Rhapsody Bar.”   Click the link in the Menu Bar above.

Recently added…  Monday 19th June 2017.   Roger’s Benidorm Carnival.   Click the link in the Menu Bar above.

Recently Added… Tuesday 6th June 2017.   Paul’s/ Noi’s Diner.   Click the link in the Menu Bar above.

Recently Added… Saturday 27th May 2017.   Click the Link In the Menu Bar above   “The Elephants of Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens.”   (It’s a little controversial.    Let me know what you think.)

Recently added…  Thursday the 18th May 2017.  “A Video Tour of Pattaya.”  Click the Link in the Menu Bar above.   (“A Step Back In Time.”)   It’s quite a long video, almost 40 minutes, but well worth watching.

The following Videos are a record of my visits to Thailand during the last 16 years.   Most of the Videos have been recorded in Pattaya, Thailand, but also included are Videos from Koh Samui, Koh Larn (Coral Island.) Koh Samed and Hua Hin and more.

Pattaya is actually just one of a group of three resorts, spread around three bays.   Naklua,  Pattaya,  Jomtien,  each with their own Beach complex.   It’s enormous.   It’s been estimated that there are more than 3,000 Bars and Resturants.   Hundreds of Hotels and more shops and markets than you could count in a decade.

These Videos have been recorded and edited in HD.  So they may take a little while to load.   But they are well worth the wait.   (Also in Stereo.)

If you’ve enjoyed the Videos please leave a message on the Contacts Page.   If you haven’t… Oh well…   🙂


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